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 What happens in a healing session? 


How a healing with Kate works - The healing sessions are performed remotely. The work happens psychically  and within the quantum field. Kate Is given information about the root cause of an issue, and often other factors surrounding it,  wether they be physical, emotional or mental . This enables her, as facilitator, to remove traumas and detrimental energies from the subtle anatomy, as well as the physical body.  Kate uses a great variety of energy healing techniques to clear, upgrade and balance all energies in the body; enabling an environment for transformation to occur.

In the same way,  disease and physical/emotional issues can be cleared from the etheric body of someone who is dying, to ease the transition, and also create a clear path and entry into the next incarnation , further down the line. So that the next incarnation will begin clear of trauma from this life, enabling the person to have a 'clean slate' as it were, it is suggested that for the duration of the healing session that the client is comfortable and resting , away from distractions and media, so that if the body/mind can fully receive and assimilate the frequencies and light codes.


Dis-ease in the body is a result of emotional trauma at some point in time, either in this life or other life times.

For something to become manifest in the physical body, it will have been lingering in the subtle bodies ( the energy anatomy) often for many years.

When a baby is born with a dis - ease, it has come into this life on the etheric blueprint (the energy blueprint that our physical body is built upon) this means that this current issue was created in a previous life. 

All of this will be addressed and cleared, where necessary in a remote healing session.

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