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Green gold abstract background of marble liquid ink art painting on paper . Image of origi

Transformational Energy Medicine

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Green gold abstract background of marble liquid ink art painting on paper . Image of origi
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Kate Hazelwood lives in the UK in a wild corner of Dartmoor National Park. In a stone cottage, nestled among granite rocks and Tors, ancient woodland, streams and rivers. A truly magical place; a balance between mother earth and cosmic sky. Her home is shared with 3 beloved teenagers, 2 dogs, 2 cats and chickens. 

Kate has over 20 years eperience in the field of energy healing. Her journey began in the late 90’s with a wake up call to the soul when her mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and this led her in her mid 20"s on a path of spiritual awakening, and a passion for the esoteric and healing arts. Beginning with a thorough grounding in Soul centred crystal therapy, and qualifying as a practitioner in 2001. This also involved working with the energetic anatomy, which is as vital to us as our physical self - and just as extensive as our physical anatomy.

 Over the years Kate included a myriad of study and skills;  in the field of sacred geometry, energy medicine, sound healing, soul centred energy healing, energy medicine and more, most recently being accredited as a Star Magic practitioner level one and two. Kate sees herself as a catalyst for her clients to embody their Divine Blueprint and fully heal themselves. She is an energy midwife - the facilitator for the clients own healing;  to come into alignment with their full potential- to fulfil their souls purpose , unencumbered by the blocks and traumas that previously held  them back .
If you are ready to discover your full power and become free - you have come to the right place.

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