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 Crystal Soulcraft
Energy Medicine Mastery Training

This will be delivered over 4 days, the first two days stand alone and can be done without going any further. Or the full Level 1 training will be held over 2 weekends (non residential).


You will leave fully empowered with the tools and knowledge of how to achieve the optimum environment in the energy systems of the body to enable self healing;  as we are designed to do ! 


This is non - certified. Even though this is practitioner level training, I am not in a position (Yet!) to give certification, but rest assured - you will attain all the skills to confidently deliver deep and highly effective energy alignment and upgrade healing, for mind, body and soul.  This is super powerful work! 


The outline of the course is as follows:

Book Via Email

I cant wait to hear from you ! Drop me an email so I can secure your booking. Spaces limited to a small group of 8, so book ASAP !


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