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Transformational Energy Medicine

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Here you can connect with the practitioner of psychic energy medicine. with over 20 years experience in the field of healing - Kate Hazelwood.

I want you to know how incredible you are !
All humans have literally unlimited potential, and the capacity to create the most transformational life and health that they desire and deserve . Many do not know how to achieve this, and are still unaware of their inner strength and infinite power, they are living with blocks, and barriers to their growth and development; emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

It is my intention and desire to assist Soul’s to live to their fullest potential. Wether this may be diving deep into the roots of trauma in this life, and healing past lives, Soul retrieval, clearing energy blocks that negatively impact life and keep old patterns running on a loop. Removing entities which are detrimentally impacting your life on a daily basis. Or a myriad of other issues.

This is just a few facets of the multi dimensional healing support that can be facilitated for you for your highest potential. The structure of each healing session is based around healing of the energy anatomy, this creates the optimum environment for your own healing life force to flow . Each session is an upgrade , full clearing and grounding which is stabilising to the whole energy system , and a real sense of coming back to your true self.

If you are ready for Transformation you have come to the right place, and I look forward to hearing from you .

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Client Testimonials

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"I can breathe more easily (after broken ribs) less pain - I know I usually heal quickly but definitely not this fast."


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